3 Wheel Ab Roller Machine with Knee Mat for Speed Abs Training - Perfect Abdominal Toning Trainer Equipment for Core Fitness Workout Exercises

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Product Description

The Most Innovative 3 Wheel Ab Roller for Your Home Gym, Office & Outdoor

Our unique 3-Wheel Abdominal Roller Machine will help transform your upper back, lower back, shoulders, arms, chest
and core muscles in the comfort of your home. Use this Ab Roller Wheel to work with your Poor Postures, Strengthen Your Core,
and Build Core Muscles.

Here are steps to Use This Ab Exerciser:
1. Put the Knee Pad and position your knees on it properly
2. Put 3-Wheel Roller before your knees
3. Hold the Both Roller Handles with proper grip
4. Move Your Body Forward by rolling out holding the ab handles
5. Roll out to the Floor Stopper Wedge Location
6. Roll Back by moving ab roller back towards the body

Why Buy FuriousFitwear 3 Wheel Abs Roller?

When you buy our Premium 3-wheel roller machine, you can be Rest Assured of the following benefits:

- An inexpensive way to tone and build Core Muscles at home with No Regular Gym Fees

- Strengthen Your Core Body Muscles at home by Integrating Various Exercises

- Set up is Hassle Free - Set up in Seconds and Start Using it - No tools required

- Completely Portable - Take it along with yourself while traveling

- Professional-grade comfort foam grips

- Transform your Home Gym with this Professional 3 Wheel Ab Machine

- Premium Grade Steel to Provide You Long Life of Ab Roller

- Extra Wide 3 Wheels to prevent slippage and maximize stability during workouts

- High performance ergonomic, rubberized grip design that helps minimize hand fatigue

- Superior Ab Exerciser Designed to Strengthen and tone your upper abs, lower abs, obliques and entire core

Buy Furious 3 Wheels Ab Roller Pro Confidently as this is one of the most adaptable and effective home gym workout machine!


SPEED ABS WORKOUT - Get More Intense Abdominal Workouts in Less Time in the Comfort of Your Home
HEAVY DUTY 3 WHEEL ROLLER - No Assembly Required, Rugged Anti-slide Design for Stable Motion, Soft Foam for Hand Grip Comfort and Full Size Knee Mat for Protection
MORE WORKOUT IN LESS TIME - Get More Abdominal Exercises in Less Time by Moving the Stopper Away from Your Body
EASY TO STORE & EASY TO CARRY - No Time for Gym, Traveling... Never Miss Your Exercises - Light Weight and Portable Ab Exerciser to tone your upper body (Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Abdominal, Core and Obliques)
BUY CONFIDENTLY - We will work with you until you are fully satisfied as Furious Fitwear Products are always covered by 60-Day Hassle Free Warranty

Published on January 2019

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