oozeeki IsoStrength Complete Body System

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Product Description

Designed by a Doctor of Chiropractic, this mobile building and toning device allows you to maximize results while on the move. Perform Isometric and Isotonic routines for ultimate achievable results without missing your free weights! The shock cord technology built into the device allows for an unmatched resistance training. Instructional poster with illustrations included. You do not need to attach this equipment to a door jam, overhead bar or branch to use. The device instead cradles your own body for all routines. Get the edge and maximize your performance with IsoStrength Complete Body


Muscle building and toning device that allows you to perform Isometric and Isotonic routines
Made of the highest quality tubular webbing and padded handles for maximum comfort. Three different handle settings.
Target muscle groups without the use of free weights and heavy equipment. No door jam or overhead bars are needed.
Portable with durable carrying case so you don't miss the gym when on the road
The device instead cradles your own body for all routines. Features Cutting-edge shock cord technology for maximum resistance.

Published on January 2019

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